Sarus Crane Plate - The BirdLife Collection

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This stunning plate shows the majestic Sarus Crane in all of its glory. Showcasing unique hand-drawn illustrations by Sheryl Ellis, it is perfect as a window sill ornament or a unique gift.  

The Sarus Crane is also known as Grus antigone and is listed as vulnerable because it has suffered a rapid population decline in southern Asia, which is projected to continue, as a result of widespread reductions in the extent and quality of its wetland habitats, exploitation and the effects of pollutants.

20% from each purchase of this product will be donated to BirdLife International, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1042125. You will help to support the great work they do globally and in local communities at grass roots level to ensure that bird species are protected from extinction for generations to come.

Artist: Sheryl Ellis

Size: Diameter: 21cm

Material: Porcelain