sustainabilitymain.png OUR MISSION

To help everyone create a home they love 

“We want to help everyone have an opportunity to create a home that they love.” 

We also want to find ways to be able to give back to the global community to help build a better future. 

We want to transform the home decor market and lifestyle to ensure a sustainable approach for the betterment of people and communities. 



We curate unique, boutique collections underpinned by ethical partnerships. 

We’re also incorporating products that promote holistic wellness.  

We’re sourcing sustainable products. 

This includes being conscious about the different vendors and suppliers that make up our supply chain. 

We’re driven by social responsibility 

We’re developing relationships with key partners who support our vision of giving back

(To see more information on our key launch partners see our Partner with Us Page)



We’re conscious that our home extends beyond our own four walls and take global issues seriously, they’re core to our entire company ethos. We’re taking guidance from The United Nations Global Compact principles as well as ISO26000 which has helped structure our Sustainability Policy. We’re also keeping up to date with global guidance and research to help evolve our Sustainability roadmap beyond our launch. 

From our point of launch we’ll be working to gather data to monitor and understand our carbon footprint better. We’ll be learning how we can influence the environmental standards of our partnerships, vendors and suppliers.



We've engaged our suppliers and are aware that they adopt a range of different approaches to supporting an ethical and more sustainable way of working including:

Sourcing sustainable product materials where possible.

Factory visits to ensure that standards of working are within human rights regulations.

Reviewing their impact on the environment and waste.


Our product materials

We're interested in selling and sourcing the most sustainable products. We sell a range of mango wood and bamboo products.

Both mango wood and bamboo are fast growing and recyclable. Mango wood can be harvested as a by product of the fruit industry too! Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into our atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide when compared to other plants. Both woods are kinder to us and the environment.

We're also sourcing coconut products. Growing coconuts doesn't require pesticides or herbicides, and coconuts are harvested by hand.  

Where possible we're ensuring that we explore the best options for the environment. Read the product descriptions for more detailed information.


Our Print supplier

Our printer is Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®-certified (FSC®C004309), they are committed to sourcing paper and board used in the manufacture of our products made with materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources.



We aim to only work with suppliers who:

Respect and support the protection of human rights and support the eradication of all forms of forced labour, child labour, human trafficking and discrimination.

Are responsible about their impact and ensure that they are following all regulatory laws and practices with a long term plan to monitor their impact on the environment.

Can disclose that they know the origin of their raw materials and how ethically they are sourced if supplied through Third-Parties.

Work against corruption in all forms.

We reserve the right to terminate our business relationship with any partner, vendor or supplier who violates this.



We've outlined our roadmap to help us keep striving to do better!

This includes ongoing work to ensure governance, transparency and engagement within our supply chain.



We aim to expand our product range to include at least 20% more sustainable product material.

We aim to review our packaging and reduce waste and recycle more where possible.

We aim to look for more green initiatives to get involved with nationally and internationally.


We aim to have completed more engagement with our suppliers and partners to understand more about their ethical and sustainability practices. In doing so we hope to find out how we can work together to do better and improve our outcomes.


Reviewing our launch benchmarks and publishing of our first sustainability report detailing outcomes and improvements.

If you want to find out more about our journey, please do get in touch.

Our sustainability report for 2021 is available here