We're working to ensure you still have the best possible experience and get everything you love delivered quickly and safely xx

What is happening? 

From Thursday 5th November 2020 the United Kingdom will enter a national lockdown.  Government guidance is here -
How does this affect Curated Pieces? 
We have spoken to our suppliers and we have been assured that they are still operational, however, due to Covid-19 measures some of the operations will be at a reduced capacity. Deliveries will still be processed, but lead-times will be affected as the supply chain reacts to the extenuating circumstances. 
How does this affect you? 
The delivery timelines will unfortunately increase. We are working to confirm what these will be over the next few weeks and will adapt our delivery model to the change in circumstances. 
Any questions? 
If you have any concerns at all you can contact us on and we'll be happy to help. xx