Why we love houseplants

Why we love houseplants

Posted by Sheryl Ellis on 4th Apr 2021

Why we love houseplants

 Gill and I are obsessed with houseplants. My recent obsession has been indoor trees. I am currently growing a lemon tree indoors as well as a magnolia tree. Coconut trees are next on my list. I do also have a range of Dracenas, Corn plants, Lemon and lime, Song of India and a Janet one. I feel Dracena’s are perfect for building confidence if you’re a first time plant mom as they’re really easy to manage and mine can manage being a in range of areas that are light and close to the window and darker.

Not only can they be great for a natural home decor element but they have a huge number of other additional benefits and can support wellbeing.

Are plants living things & sentient?

Many studies have shown that plants are biotic and living beings like you and me and they respond to stimuli such as music and being spoken to. Studies have shown that they also react to danger and show distress by ways of excreting chemicals, they also show distress when they are played sounds, such as a recording of a caterpillar eating leaves. They’re living, breathing organisms.

Are houseplants good for your health?

Indoor air pollution can really have an impact on our health. This can come from anything such as paints, detergents, spores and bacteria. Many indoor plants have the ability to clean the air and remove harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants. 

House plants are beneficial as they are able to absorb some of the CO2 generated within your home and improve air quality. Plants such as Aloe Vera and Peace Lilies are considered air purifying. According to a Nasa experiment the microorganisms in the soil also have an important part to play.

Rachel Brown, a Horticulturalist and Senior Writer at DIY Garden provides more insight about the importance of plants within her interesting article focused on how global warming affects plants. She too confirms that plants reduce air pollution.

Can houseplants clean the air?

The answer depends on the types of plants selected for your home.

  Through photosynthesis plants transform the Carbon dioxide we exhale into Oxygen. They absorb the gases through the surface of their leaves where they also convert light energy and carbon dioxide into energy to fuel their growth and survival.

You can see why we love our house plants so much… not only are they wonderful natural air purifiers that contribute to better air quality as well as our well being, but they can be used in gorgeous arrangements that make our homes look wonderful too.

Surrounding ourselves with nature does not only improve the air we breath, it has also been proven to be mood boosting and calming. Indoor plants can contribute to this also. There are no doubts that plants have profound effects on your well being.

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