Valentine Self Care

Valentine Self Care

Posted by Megan Bissmire on 14th Feb 2022

At Curated Pieces we want to spread the love and make sure we are taking time to treat ourselves as well as those we care about. Self care is such an important thing for everyone and can help with stress and mental health. What better time to be good to yourself than Valentine’s day! There are so many different ways to practice self care and we want to help you find the perfect ones that you love. Whether you have a special someone in your life or are celebrating the love you have for yourself and friends and family, this short guide will be sure to help you look after yourself and relax this Valentines.

Tisserand Eucalyptus essential oil Tisserand Clary Sage Essential oilTisserand Orange Essential Oil

Why not run yourself the perfect Valentine’s bath surrounded with wonderfully smelling candles and your favourite drink and chocolates. Put a few drops of our beautiful ethically harvested essential oils into your bath or diffuser and sit back and feel your senses relax. We also have some incredible shower/bath washes. Our total de-stress and happy vibes washes are the best addition to your valentine’s self care evening as they are sure to lift your mood and help you feel good.

 Tisserand Happy Vibes Body WashTisserand Total De-Stress Bath and Body Wash

Practicing self care is also known to help give you more energy and lower your risk of illness so even when we think we don’t have time to reset and breathe we should try our best to, even if it is for 5-10 minutes. A great way to create a relaxing and zen environment whilst getting on with our busy lives, is to have things in your home that are calming. Diffusers and salt lamps are incredible for making your home feel more positive and tranquil.

Our white himalayan salt lamps are all unique and are reported to be able to remove toxins and harmful pollutants from the air by being able to add negative ions back into the space around them. We also have our Himalayan aroma salt lamps which have a small dish at the top where you can add small drops of your favourite essential oils. The lamp bulb warms the oils and gently diffuses their wonderful scents into the air.

White Himalayan Salt LampHimalayan Aroma Salt lamp

Whatever you get up to, we hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day! Now that you all know the importance of self care, why not try to implement some of these things into your life. It doesn’t have to be every day, but even a few times a week or month. You will be sure to see a huge difference.

We would love to know your favourite ways to wind down or even what self care ideas you have for Valentine’s day that we can share. It could be something as simple as reading your favourite book, watching a movie with your loved ones or having a nice dinner. We'd love for you to get in touch or reach out on social media.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Love Curated Pieces x