The Suburban Gardener - Home grown fruit and vegetables

The Suburban Gardener - Home grown fruit and vegetables

Posted by Gillian Ellis on 7th Nov 2020

Growing your own fruit and vegetables (or trying to!) is such a great thing to do. It can be done in your back garden, on your balcony or even on your window ledge! Did you know growing your own veg is a sustainable hack as it reduces your carbon footprint and cuts down on energy use and environmental waste?

Novice or expert, the sight of a new sprout really does something to the heart. This year, my sister and I had a home grown battle, where we shared pictures of our seedlings as they grew each day during lockdown. I don’t know what was wrong with mine but despite planting the seeds the same day mine came out a week or two later than my sisters (maybe my compost was inferior?!).

To start with I got a bedding tray from a local DIY store along with a seedling compost. Next I brought out my trusty bowl of seeds. It contains packages of seeds collected from over the years when I had hoped to be more ambitious than I actually was. I selected Asparagus, Corn, Tomatoes and a wealth of other seeds to add to the bedding tray. The key to success is daily watering. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I struggle with keeping house plants alive so this was a real challenge for me. But I figured as we were in a complete lockdown, why not try to grow a few more things in my back garden. We were not going anywhere anyway.

Hence our growing competition and grower journey began. I say began, but what I actually meant was take my growing more seriously. I had always intended for my garden to be a wellbeing and restorative garden and it really is at the moment. I have Cherries (bone health!), Raspberries, Strawberries and Elderberries and a collection of herbs that include Sage, Parsley, Mint and Rosemary. I cannot live without my Rosemary bush which was provided courtesy of the previous homeowners and an absolute Godsend to me. It forms part of my daily morning ritual. My morning Tea of Rosemary, Bay leaf, clove and White Tea.   

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