​Summer Self-Care

​Summer Self-Care

Posted by Megan Bissmire on 20th Jun 2021

As we’re slowly easing from lockdown, it is so important to ensure we continue to make time for ourselves and practice self-care where possible. So many of us have been working from home and not had that normal work routine that helps differentiate ‘work time’ from ‘home time’. Being at home for so long may have resulted in working throughout the evening despite the normal working day being done. You deserve a break! We understand it may be hard to juggle so much all at once but self care can be as short as 10 minutes, and can make a world of a difference. 

Here are some wonderful ideas as to how you can get those essential moments of self-care into your day.

Wellness Bath

When working from home, or just being at home in general, it is great to open windows in the summer months to get fresh air circulating and light up your home. This might seem like a very small thing but you will be surprised how much easier it is to breathe and think with just a few open windows. Run yourself a lovely hot bath in the evening to wind down and relax after a long day. Here you can reflect on your day and think about what you are grateful for. Even if it wasn’t the best day, tomorrow is new and can only be better. Here is our step by step guide to the perfect relaxing bath using our ‘Wellness Range’.

STEP 1: Run yourself a gorgeous warm bath with our essential oils

Our recommended oils for an evening bath are:

For general chill vibes - Vanilla and Clary sage are great for these things and can help relax you after a stressful day.

For concentration, energy and motivation - Any citrus blend is good for these, Orange oils are so gorgeous in a bath and can help with focus. Peppermint is wonderful for this too.

STEP 2: Relax...

While the bath fills sit back and breathe in the beautiful scents of the essential oils. Reflect on your day, close your eyes for just a minute and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Even on those days when things may have gone wrong, we can still think of the things that are good in life and be thankful that we have them. Remember, it is okay to have rubbish days, it just means tomorrow can only be better. Make the most of the time to yourself- read your favourite book or watch a programme.

STEP 3: Use our body wash to finish off your bath.

Our body washes are the perfect way to finish your bath and completely de-stress. Our Total De-Stress Bath & Shower wash rids your stress away at the end of the day with a delightfully soothing blend of Geranium, Orange and Nutmeg. We also have our Happy vibes and Sleep better body washes which are equally perfect after a long day.

We’re pleased to also let you know that these products are vegan and cruelty free. All of our body washes are made from 100% pure natural essential oils.

If baths aren’t really your thing, our products can be used in many different ways to help you relax after a long day/week. Our body washes can also be used in the shower and for daily hand wash. Fill your home with the smell of our essential oils whilst on the go using our essential oil diffuser. It uses Ultrasonic waves to vapourize water and essential oils and produce a cool mist and looks wonderful in your home.

We know that it can be difficult to introduce self care back into a busy schedule but you really will see a huge difference to your mood and productivity just from a few minutes or relaxation. We hope we can all gradually get back to normality and take care of ourselves more after a very strange year. We would love to know your favourite summer self care tips, drop us an email x