My Home Grown Rosemary Tea Blend

My Home Grown Rosemary Tea Blend

Posted by Gillian Ellis on 8th Dec 2020

Have any of you got a day ritual? I’ve always had one but I’ve found it has really grounded me during these different and uncertain times.

I love growing and using herbs in general due to their healing properties. My morning usually starts with this invigorating, anti-oxidant packed, rosemary and white tea herbal blend…

Over the years I have grown to prefer it without milk and with honey rather than sugar. The types of tea that I drink has also evolved over the years. I have transitioned from Black Tea with milk to White Tea. I do love a builders tea once in a while but would feel very out of sorts without my daily cup or two of White Tea. I love the fact that drinking tea does not onlytaste delicious, but it supports my health and wellbeing too!

What are the ingredients?

  • Rosemary from my garden-  It is an anti-inflammatory, reduces menstrual pain and it’s great for your hair!
  • White tea - It's so good as its rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties.
  • Bay leaf - It's rich in calcium and supports bone health, it also aids stress relief and digestion. It has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties too!
  • Clove - It contains lots of micronutrients and antioxidants. It is also a digestive aid and can kill bacteria.
  • Raw Honey - Locally sourced from nearby Beekeepers. Manuka honey or Stevia will do!

It gives me an energy boost as well as a hit of good vitamin vibes… I boil the kettle then pour the boiling water onto the ingredients and let it rest for a minute or two then remove the ingredients, add the honey to taste and enjoy!

Alternatively you can you brew all of the ingredients in an infusion teapot. This is usually favourable as you are likely to refill your cup and they are available from Whittard, John Lewis or Tesco. I usually infuse my evening tea (Ginger and Chamomile) this way.

What’s your favourite herbal tea?