Make Your Picnic Eco-Friendly With Easy Sustainability Hacks!

Make Your Picnic Eco-Friendly With Easy Sustainability Hacks!

Posted by Megan Bissmire on 9th May 2021

As the weather is beginning to brighten up here in the UK and restrictions are being lifted, we can’t help but get excited for meeting up outdoors in the summer for a picnic or drinks with our loved ones. Sitting out in the sunshine, surrounded by nature, with our favourite food and company is so enjoyable, however we are aware that often a wonderful picnic in the park can lead to rubbish being left around and contribute to plastic/general waste. We wanted you all to know that it isn't as hard as it sounds to create an eco-friendly picnic. Here is the perfect guide to having sustainable alfresco get-togethers this summer…

Planning your eco-friendly picnic does not have to be expensive!

You may be thinking that becoming more sustainable with your alfresco dining means spending more. Well, it is actually quite the opposite. Preparing a salad or dessert using your homegrown ingredients is a wonderful way to save money on fruit, veg and herbs. Also, it always tastes so much better knowing you’ve grown the ingredients yourself. Don’t you agree?

If growing your own fruit and veg isn’t an option then buying local, organic produce is just as good as it helps to support sustainable farming while cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.

Likewise, instead of purchasing plastic cutlery and plates that will be thrown away and re-bought each time, why not buy reusable crockery that will last you so much longer and also add to your cute picnic aesthetic? Having a picnic set that you can bring each time you have a day out to the park will help contribute to zero waste and a more eco friendly experience. Some great pieces to have in your picnic set could be

Bamboo Container Set- Ideal for your home grown fruit/ veg snacks

Bamboo Food Storage Container - Perfect for pasta/ small sandwiches

Bamboo Salad Serving Bowl- Salad bowl

Bamboo Salad servers- Matching to the salad bowl

Check out our ‘Sustainable Kitchen Range’ on our website for more wonderful products that are perfect to add to your sustainable picnic set.

Our products aren’t just perfect for your picnic set but are also just as useful in and around your home. All of our products are great for kitchen use and you can even use our large bamboo storage canister sets in the bathroom or study for your bits and bobs.

Packing up is easy!

Ensuring there is zero waste when packing up your picnic really isn’t difficult and will make such a difference when making your picnic eco friendly. Rubbish left behind can be very harmful for nearby wildlife and also contributes massively to polluting our planet. By taking any leftovers home with you, you can either have it the next day or make compost instead of throwing food rubbish away with lots of other general waste in public bins. If you already have your reusable containers with you then it is so simple to just keep any leftovers and dispose of them altogether when you get home.

With recyclable waste, if you aren’t able to find specific bins for your rubbish then it may be best to take these with you too. Some public parks and gardens do have recycling bins so any cans, cardboard/paper packaging and glass can be put in these. Avoiding packaging completely is ideal however we know some produce comes with it and we therefore recommend doing your bit by finding the correct bins.

Don’t forget… Enjoy yourself!

Now although this sounds like a lot for one picnic, doing these little things in general life will really help our beautiful planet. If all of us were to make these small changes, imagine how big an impact they would have. Just think, next time you are out for a walk or sat with your beautiful new sustainable coconut bowl in the park, that your actions are contributing to becoming a more sustainable world and therefore saving what is around you.

We have all missed being with our friends and family over the last year due to the pandemic. Now that we are finally able to see our loved ones it is so important to cherish special moments and be grateful for what we have. Laugh, smile, eat your favourite foods, catch up for lost time and most importantly enjoy yourself.

We would love to hear how you make your beautiful picnics sustainable. Email in your pictures of your picnic set ups and favourite home grown fruit and veggies for us to see!

*All images (except for product images) are from pinterest*