Exploring Plant based living and Bird Conservation with Art

Exploring Plant based living and Bird Conservation with Art

Posted by Megan Bissmire on 24th May 2021

As you may know, here at Curated Pieces we are all about being mindful of our surroundings and appreciating nature and our planet. We are aware that many people love the idea of becoming more eco-friendly within their lifestyle but are unsure what changes they can make to do so. We wanted to continue to help you on your sustainable journey but also let you know that you don’t have to make drastic changes in your life. Becoming more sustainable can start with you at home. In this blog post we wanted to give you some little tips that you can use when buying into art and decor. All it takes is being more mindful of things and buying into the right products. That’s where we come in!

Both our Home Grown Collection and our BirdLife Collection are inspired by passions of ours and we love that we are able to share these in the hope of creating a new passion for you as well.

Both collections have been created with sustainability in mind and we have used ethical and sustainable suppliers when sourcing our products. Buying into products that have been sustainably sourced is a great small step to becoming more eco-friendly within your home. Our art is so special as each piece is supporting things that are personal to us like changing to a plant-based lifestyle and saving endangered wildlife.

Celebrate plant-based living with The Home Grown Collection

Our Home Grown Collection was inspired by our good friend, artist Scarlett J Hanley's adventures into a plant-based lifestyle. Her watercolour illustrations focus on home grown vegetables and her love for sustainable produce. Being plant-based ourselves, we loved how Scarlett was able to capture each vegetable’s beauty through vibrant watercolours as well as reflect how amazing being plant-based is. Becoming plant based isn’t something that happens overnight without a struggle as Scarlett mentioned when we asked her for some tips when making these changes.

Scarlett’s Top Tips

1. Don’t jump straight in

"Don’t do what I did and jump straight in, unless you want a challenge. Start with 1 day a week and work up from there. The more confident you can become in the kitchen the better."

2. Be creative

"Think of your favourite dish, then remove the non-vegan bits and get creative with the vegetable replacements."


The Home Grown Collection is also a celebration of how wonderful growing your own veg is as it helps you reduce chemical pollutants in the environment as well as your carbon footprint.

Bard with his Chard A3 Print

The Home Grown Collection

Keep Calm and Carrot on A3 Print

Protect birds from extinction with The BirdLife Collection

Continuing our love for art with a cause, our BirdLife Collection is a range of hand-drawn sketches by one of us, artist Sheryl Ellis. Sheryl found her own love for conservation, sketching the wildlife around her during the first lockdown in the UK, 2020. She then collaborated with Charity BirdLife International as their cause really resonated with her. At least 20% of the proceeds from the collection go to supporting the great work that BirdLife International does to protect birds from extinction globally.


The birds featured in the collection are on the IUCN RedList that BirdLife works so hard to protect from extinction.The best part is at least 20% of the proceeds go to supporting the great work that BirdLife International do to protect birds from extinction globally

Whether you are buying from our BirdLife Collection for yourself or for somebody else, you know that your money is going to an amazing cause and helping these cute little birds. Our sketches by Sheryl are sold as prints on paper or as perfect little kitchen plates. See below for some of our beautiful products:

Yellow-crested Cockatoo Plate

Sarus Crane A3 Print

Hook-billed Hummingbird On A Branch Plate

Our sustainable art pieces make the best gifts and are a great way to talk to your friends about where their gifts have come from and how they have helped our environment. From the paper that has been responsibly sourced to the great cause that your money is going towards, you can be sure that our products are a great stepping stone to having a more eco-friendly lifestyle and making a difference to our planet. 

We hope that you love our art collections as much as we do and would love to hear about your favourite pieces.