About Us


Curated Pieces was founded in West London in 2020 by two sisters with a love for discovering and sharing gorgeous home decor and lifestyle finds. Both connected by a love of plants and nature and how this impacts the creation of your own home paradise.

One sister with a design background in art, illustration and creative direction, the other sister having a background in managing tech infrastructures... they felt compelled to come together to create Curated Pieces, an ethically-minded and eco-friendly home decor and lifestyle boutique 

We’re passionate about thinking about our impact on our global home. We stock a range of exclusives (products created by us with sustainability in mind), and items sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers. 



 Our mission is to help everyone to have an opportunity to create a home that they love. We want to transform the home decor and lifestyle market to ensure a sustainable approach for the betterment of all people and communities. We think it’s important to think outside our own four walls and will be launching a number of initiatives and partnerships to help drive this.

We believe that homes should be a happy place and that it starts with gratitude and supporting and elevating our global communities. We love partnering with people and brands that support this ethos. 



We've launched our #loveyourglobalhome initiative where we partner with key charities close to our heart to give back to our global community. BirdLife International is our first key partnership that has enabled us to do this.

 In October we launched the BirdLife Collection. The collection is not just a stunning addition to any home interior but the best part is a donation from each purchase within the collection goes to BirdLife International to support the work that they do globally and in local communities at grass roots level to ensure that bird species are protected from extinction for generations to come.

We are also FSC-Certified and sell a range of products that support sustainable forests. We’re dedicated to consciously partnering with brands and suppliers that support our ethos and brand pillars.


If you want to find out more please get in touch!